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Learn from business peers who’ve been in your shoes.

Learn about the power of EO Forum for business support from EO Austin member Stephanie Hansen, owner of Bravelets. She connected with seasoned entrepreneurs who helped support her, personally and professionally.

“It’s nice to talk to people who get it. I joined EO when I was 27. In my mind, it was this elite group, and I was motivated to get my business to a million to qualify. When I first joined, my business was killing it! Looking back, I was young and dumb. And really had yet to earn my entrepreneurial chops. When sales started to plateau, it was a rough couple of years, period. EO is great when you’re doing well, but it’s extremely valuable when you’re navigating big challenges.

Many of the people in my forum. Are much older than me. I was the 20 something in the room with no spouse and no kids. It’s surprising how much we can relate! It’s not what you’re going through as much as it is how you feel about it. I thought I joined. PO for professional guidance, But I’ve ended up tackling so many personal and family issues along the way. For me, I gain insight and accountability from super successful people who have “been there.” I bring the energy, optimism. And excitement of someone who’s ready for anything. It works.”

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