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EO vs. Vistage

Which executive peer group
is right for you?


Running a business can feel lonely at times. That’s why many entrepreneurs and CEOs join peer advisory groups. Not only do they help you learn from like-minded leaders and take your business to new heights, but they can advise you on ways to achieve that elusive work-life balance.

There are a number of peer groups created for business owners, but two organizations often rise to the top of the search: EO and Vistage.

How Are They Different?

The biggest distinction between EO and Vistage is the focus on you as an entrepreneur. While Vistage strictly concentrates on business matters, EO takes a more holistic approach. We offer support across every aspect of your life: business, personal growth and family.

Why? Because we believe that these key areas influence with each other. If one facet of your life is suffering, ultimately, the rest will suffer, too. Because of this interconnectivity, EO Forum works especially hard to help you get what you want out of your business – and the rest of your life.

Other major differences between EO and Vistage:


Vistage is significantly more expensive. Vistage charges $12,000 or more annually whereas EO has a one-time initiation fee of $3,500 plus annual chapter dues.

Forum/Group size:

Vistage Group ranges from 12-16 peers whereas EO Forum cuts that in half with only 6-8 peer members. We find that smaller groups foster stronger ties, trust and communication between members.


Vistage wants CEOs of businesses with $5 million in annual revenue whereas EO seeks entrepreneurs with $1 million in annual revenue.

How Are They Similar?

EO and Vistage have a lot in common. Both organizations tout the monthly forum (EO Forum or Vistage Group) as their top benefit. Forums are highly confidential, monthly meetings between a small number of peers who act as a private advisory board for one another. They share ideas, troubleshoot problems and identify solutions.

Beyond forum, EO and Vistage also invite members to participate in global events and programs. Entrepreneurs can connect with other executives across the world, broadening their perspectives.

Finally, both organizations promote a “non-selling environment” meaning members are discouraged from soliciting their products or services to fellow members.

Similarities overview:

Local chapters
Monthly forums with peers from non-competing organizations
Global events, education and resources
Non-selling / non-solicitation policies

Let Your Goals Lead Your Decision

Both EO and Vistage receive glowing reviews from the world’s leading entrepreneurs. You’ll likely find value in either option. However, you may get more mileage out of an EO membership if you’re looking for significant gains in your business AND personal happiness.

Our advice: Consider your goals. Which organization do you want by your side for the journey ahead?

What EO Members Have to Say

We know what makes EO special compared to other peer advisory groups. But don’t just take our word for it. See what other members have to say.

“There’s no other community of entrepreneurs around the globe that have the influence, that are more powerful, that are more interested in growing as a community and forwarding the cause of entrepreneurship.”

Deb Gabor, Founder & CEO of Sol Marketing
EO Austin

“When I joined EO, I expected the organization to help me grow my business. What I didn’t anticipate was the impact it would have on my life.”

Winnie Hart, President of TwinEngine
EO Houston

1987 – Year Founded

17,900+ – Total Members

78 – Countries Represented

223 – Chapters Across World

45 – Average EO Member Age

$4.3 million – Median EO Member Sales

282 – Average # of EO Member Employees

4.3M – Total Workers Employed by EO Members Worldwide

Let EO Change Your Business – and Life – for the Better

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