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EO vs. YPO

Weigh the key differences
between EO and YPO.


You launched your own business because you want to be in charge. You like to call the shots and lead the way. But, unlike your employees, you don’t have any peers within your company. No matter how close you are with your leadership team, you’ll always be their boss.

Entrepreneurs benefit from a community of other entrepreneurs. That’s where you find your safe space, occupied by other people who “get” your pain points, identify with your opportunities and help you overcome obstacles.

Two peer advisory groups present this space: EO and Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

How Are They Different?

There are two main differences between EO and YPO. First, the revenue requirements for your business to join YPO are higher at approximately $12M per year compared to $1M at EO. YPO does not require you to be the founder of the business, simply its current CEO or leader. This is neither good nor bad, just different.

Additionally, YPO prefers for members to be under the age of 50. While EO does not have an age limit, the average age of EO members is 45 years old.

Differences overview:


YPO can be more expensive on a per-year basis than EO. Membership costs vary by region for both networks.


For YPO, acceptance standards vary by chapter, but most desire businesses that generate at least $12M in annual revenue or employ at least 50 people. EO is open to entrepreneurs with $1M in annual business revenue.

How Are They Similar?

YPO and EO share a common cornerstone. They focus on the whole leader, not just the business aspects of your life. Because of this, EO and YPO offer monthly forums where members discuss business, personal and family issues in a private setting. Confidentiality and peer accountability are critical to the success of both organizations.

In addition, EO and YPO have members join their local chapter for close-to-work and -home events, while also hosting regional, national and global events.

Similarities overview:

Local chapters across the U.S.
Monthly forums with peers from non-competing organizations
Global events, education and resources
Non-selling / non-solicitation policies

Let Your Goals Lead the Way

EO and YPO both take a holistic approach to membership, providing resources that support every aspect of your life. However, the membership experience is different. Some people are part of both organizations. We encourage anyone who qualifies to interview at each before making a decision.

Depending on your business stage, revenue, objectives, and more, you should consider which peer group will yield the most significant impact on your life. If you want to make connections or spark growth, engage your business, and help you balance your life EO has a chapter ready for you.

What EO Members Have to Say

We know what makes EO special compared to other peer advisory groups. But don’t just take our word for it. See what other members have to say.

“There’s no other community of entrepreneurs around the globe that have the influence, that are more powerful, that are more interested in growing as a community and forwarding the cause of entrepreneurship.”

Deb Gabor, Founder & CEO of Sol Marketing
EO Austin

“When I joined EO, I expected the organization to help me grow my business. What I didn’t anticipate was the impact it would have on my life.”

Winnie Hart, President of TwinEngine
EO Houston

1987 – Year Founded

17,900+ – Total Members

78 – Countries Represented

223 – Chapters Across World

45 – Average EO Member Age

$4.3 million – Median EO Member Sales

282 – Average # of EO Member Employees

4.3M – Total Workers Employed by EO Members Worldwide

Let EO Change Your Business – and Life – for the Better

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