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Crack the Code on Strategic Moves that Spur Growth

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In 2015 I launched my company and thought about how to grow my business. The journey ahead seemed like an uphill climb with the odds heavily stacked against us. Fast-forward to today: I’m deeply humbled and ecstatic to share that we secured our spot at No. 689 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list. Due in part to the staggering growth of nearly 1,000 percent in an unprecedentedly short amount of time.

However, these numbers represent more than just our Inc. 5000 list triumph. They epitomize every late-night brainstorming session, risk ventured, hurdle tackled, and drop of passion we poured into our company to stand out and survive in a highly competitive market.

I strongly believe that a rising tide raises all ships. For all of the budding entrepreneurs out there, I’d like to share the strategic steps we embraced, and the lessons learned that helped us go from a startup to an industry leader.

1. Rooted Vision with Flexible Execution

From day 1, my North Star was crystal clear when I thought about how to grow my business. It was (and still is) to revolutionize our industry by creating products with consumers, not just for them. Yet, the roadmap was dotted with uncertainties. The journey underscored the importance of a steadfast vision complemented by an adaptable strategy. We recalibrated, pivoted, and, when the situation demanded, changed our direction — but no matter what we did, we kept our eyes fixed on our North Star.

The entrepreneurial landscape is perpetually changing. You must be able to embrace adaptability but remain unwavering in your core mission.

2. Celebrate Failures as Much as Successes

Sure, it sounds cliché, but missteps paved the way for our monumental leaps. We stumbled, we wavered, we missed opportunities. With every setback, we gleaned a lesson. We refined our approach, and we matured.

Failures aren’t setbacks but setups for grander comebacks. They’re the unfiltered feedback every entrepreneur needs on the journey of learning how to grow their business.

3. Culture: The DNA of Maestro Media

We strive to be more than just a nameless corporate firm pushing out one bland product after another. Instead, we make products we would want, together as a team with our fans. We do not believe in “silos” but rather cross-collaboration and communication. This creates an internal culture bound by trust and inclusivity, communication and ideation sharing, and a passion for gaming and fan communities. The relentless dedication and belief in our Maestro Media family is what has allowed our company to grow in such a rapid amount of time.

People aren’t just resources; they’re the heart and soul of a company. I learned how to grow my business by fostering an environment where our team can thrive. This is how to make a company soar.

4. How to Grow My Business: Relentless Focus on Customer Value

Every decision we make when working on a product is filtered through one lens: “Does this resonate with our fans?” That unwavering fan-centric approach is the cornerstone of our innovations, iterations, and successes. It also helps that we tend to be fans of our products as well!

Profits and growth are by-products. The main ingredient? Creating undeniable value for your audience.

5. Continuous Learning is Key

The world of business is ever-evolving, which means you must always take time to learn new things in order to thrive. We want our team to be the best of the best, and in order to do so, they need to be up to date on everything as much as possible and continuously learning. To make this a reality, we invest in continuous learning, both as individuals and as an organization, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

Wondering, “How Can I Grow My Business”? Keep Your Knowledge Sharp.

Knowledge is the most potent tool. Keep sharpening it. Reflecting on our journey reminds me of a profound truth: “It’s not just about the destination but the insights gained along the way.” As we bask in the honor of being named to the 2023 Inc. 5000, I see it not as an endpoint but as a testament to our unwavering spirit and commitment. And the path ahead? It’s brimming with endless possibilities.

To every entrepreneur out there, remember: Every dream, however audacious, is attainable. Persevere, adapt, learn, but above all, believe in your vision.

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Javon Frazier is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Maestro Media, a games publisher that helps its clients deepen their consumer brand engagement. They also help create new revenue streams with their expertise in product development, launch marketing, and multi-channel distribution.

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