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Entrepreneur Time Management Skills to Stay Ahead

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It’s essential to sharpen your entrepreneur time management skills to not only get more time back in your day, but also to help you work on your business, not for it. To help maximize productivity, I always look for new ways to streamline my processes. I also like to bring that knowledge to my clients and friends! See how you can apply some of my experiences and learnings below.

Systems & Tools for Entrepreneurs

I consulted with executives and owners on how they can up their personal efficiency game. This helped me identify some of the most successful time management systems and tools. All of them have made a major difference in my own productivity.

To give you access to the same knowledge, here are five great technology tools. They can help free up an hour or two every week without having to commit to a full-on system:

  1. Voice memos – Instead of having lengthy conversations or sending emails, I use my phone’s recording feature. I quickly dictate messages and then forward them to the appropriate people. It’s a quick, easy way to communicate that
    doesn’t take up much time.
  2. Email signatures – When attending events like trade shows or conferences, it can be difficult to write individual emails for everyone you meet. Not to mention time-consuming. To make things simpler, I use an email signature that
    contains all the necessary details and information so I can quickly tailor it to each recipient.
  3. Calendly– If you need to schedule calls or meetings with people, Calendly is a great way to go. It looks at your calendar and offers times that work best for you and the other person. This way, you can both easily find a time slot that
    matches your availability. It’s also great for offering 15-minute consultations to prospects on your website without connecting via email or phone first.
  4. Boomerang– I use my Microsoft Outlook inbox as a to-do list and often keep emails there to remind me to follow-up. Boomerang lets you click on a message and have it leave your inbox for the time period of your choice, before returning
    when required. It’s an effective way to ensure that you always remember to check back on tasks.
  5. Focus@will– This app is designed to improve your attention span by up to 400% when you’re studying, writing or reading. It plays custom music that helps keep you on track and allows you to stay in the zone for longer!

Entrepreneur Time Management: An Investment in Your Personal & Business Health

By implementing these time management tools into your daily routine, you can free up more time to focus on the activities that are essential for your business and

personal growth. No matter how busy your schedule may be, taking a few minutes here and there to streamline your processes can have a huge impact when it comes to entrepreneur time management.

There are plenty of other tools which make managing tasks easier – from task managers like Asana or Trello, to automation tools like Zapier which allow you to create custom integrations. Ultimately, taking the time to find the right tools that help you manage and optimize different processes gives you time back in your day to focus on what matters most (often, that’s not at the office).

This article was originally written by EO South Florida member Noah B. Rosenfarb, Founder of Freedom Family Office, and published in 2014 at

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