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Learn how leaning into your emotions can be a smart business move.

“In EO, tapping into your emotions is not only welcomed. It’s required.”

EO Austin member Monica Ostrowski, owner of Narrative Edge, shares how her unique experience in a male-dominated industry helped her Forum members gain a new perspective.

“I have nine other guys in my Forum telling me how valuable my perspective is. Being based in Dubai for so long, I often get the question, “How were you able to do business in the Middle East as a single female?” My international experience has made me conscious of approaching every new relationship on equal ground. While I’ve grown accustomed to working in male dominated environments, these experiences have shaped me as a tough, straight shooting professional.

As the only woman in my Forum, it took some time for me to feel comfortable being vulnerable. This is such an important part of the process. When I first joined, I had significant issues with my business partner. I was a blubbering mess in my first few Forums. They kept asking me to present because what I was going through was so emotional. This was so hard for me, but it was instrumental to bring about necessary changes.

I applaud EO for actively working toward inclusivity. Starting women’s groups and actively inviting women to participate at all levels of leadership. Any organization can use more female voices. We bring a high EQ to the table. In EO, tapping into your emotions is not only welcomed, it’s required.”

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