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Hear from EO Member Andrea Heuston on how she applied the life-changing lessons of motherhood to her entrepreneurial career.

Mother and Woman Business Owner

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Motherhood and entrepreneurship? The two may seem like wildly different paths, but becoming a mother significantly influenced my journey as a woman business owner.

When I started my creative communications firm three decades ago, despite the anticipated challenges, I was set on fully embracing motherhood. For this to work, I needed to establish flexibility in my career to navigate the demands of raising children. After a challenging path to motherhood, I welcomed two sons into my life through adoption. I made it a goal to find balance to sustainably grow my business and show up for my family.

Through the lens of motherhood, I’ve learned 5 key lessons.

1. Emphasize Presence Over “Balance”

Rather than chasing that elusive notion of “work-life balance,” I’ve learned to prioritize presence. Whether I’m at home with my children or managing things in the office, I immerse myself in the moment to be more focused.

2. Customize Communication for Maximum Impact

Just as my children have their unique personalities and communication styles, I’ve come to recognize my team and clients are no different. It helps to understand their individual needs and preferences to build stronger connections and collaborate more effectively.

3. Embrace Failure as a Path to Growth 

Rather than viewing setbacks as obstacles, I’ve come to embrace them as opportunities for growth and learning. By reframing “failure” as a stepping stone toward progress, I’ve embraced a renewed sense of patience and perseverance.

4. Release the Need for Control

My journey as a mother and female business owner has taught me the value of letting go and trusting others. Whether it’s allowing my children the freedom to explore and learn on their own or allowing my team to work autonomously, I’ve learned that giving others their space and independence is critical for their growth.

5. Cultivate a Supportive Community

As a woman business owner and mother, I’ve come to realize the incredible value – and the necessity – of a support network. Joining Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the Women Business Enterprise National Council and Women Presidents Organization have been critical to my success. These communities provide the support, understanding, and camaraderie I need to navigate the unique challenges and triumphs of being a woman business owner.

Wrapping It All Together

Motherhood as an entrepreneur has led me to a lot of personal and professional growth. By embracing the lessons I’ve learned through motherhood and applying them to my business goals, I’ve discovered a powerful synergy. With realistic expectations, self-compassion, and a commitment to growth, women business owners like me can navigate the complexities of both roles with grace and resilience.

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Andrea Heuston, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member of the US West Bridge chapter, is a podcast host, speaker coach to leaders of Fortune 100 companies, a best-selling author, and CEO of Artitudes, a full-service creative firm specializing in executive presentations, motion graphics, and speaker content.

This article is based on content originally written by Andrea Heuston, published in December 2023:

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