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As a business owner, your experience and lessons learned impact your whole family.

EO member Lynn Anstett shares how being an entrepreneur has influenced her kids’ lives.

Learn more about how entrepreneurship became a family affair. Read the video transcript below.

“No peeking? Oh man, Do you edit these before you publish them?”

Reading from a Truth Booth question card: “’What do your kids think about you being a business owner?’”

“Now that they’re adults, they think I’m a badass. But when they were kids, not so much. My middle son who’s 27 went to college in 2008 and took business and management courses at the University of Kentucky. It was a cool defining moment for me because he said, ‘Hey lady, you have an amazing company and it’s time to get your big girl pants on. We need a website and a logo, and I think you should go for it.’”

“And I said well, it’s pretty cool that I’ve been able to pay for college and I did exactly what I’ve wanted to be able to do all these years, but, let’s go! And today he works for me, he’s been with me for five years since he graduated from college and I’m working on a succession plan now.”

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