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See how vulnerability can make you and your business stronger.

Peter Keller, EO member, shares how EO helped him get real with himself and realize that no one is perfect. Read the video transcript below.

“One quick question, since I cursed in one of them, would you like me to do one more?”

“Society and everyone puts pressure on you to be something you’re not at all times. And it’s very difficult for you to realize that it’s all bull****. One of the biggest things for me in EO has been realizing that all these very successful people have their own individual problems, sometimes huge problems. You may see very successful people from the outside and say, ‘Oh, that person’s awesome, they’ve totally got it all figured out.” Then you get in Forum with them and you’re like, ‘That person’s a f****** mess, just like me!’ It’s obvious to me after going through the personal development of EO that sometimes the most difficult person to look at is yourself in the mirror and see yourself with warts and all.”

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